Friday, May 29, 2009

Reason's To Shop!

Here is this week's installment of reasons to shop! There are some pretty good ones so check it out!
  • The $5 sale at Urban Outfitters - Urban is having a $5 sale - you heard right, 5 dollars or less. They have a good variety of stuff but needless to say, it's going quickly so get on over there. BUT THERES MORE: use code SUMMER10 to receive 10% off. Lasts through May 31st.
  • The Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale - bras are starting at $12.99 and panties at $3.99, they are having a mega sale on swim and PINK and more! BUT THERES MORE: use code 20off50 to get 20% off your order of $50 or more, VSFRSHIP to get free shipping when you spend $100 or more.
  • Kohls - Lets be honest, Kohls is always having a sale but I did stumble across a few coupons that will make your online shopping a little nicer :) Use code NEW1592 to get 10% off your purchase, no Kohls card required.
I will be adding a few more later so check back!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have decided to start a new series entitled: WAYWT (What Are You Wearing Today). As of now this will just be sparatic, not necesarily What Are You Wearing Tuesday :). Anyway, with out further ado, here it is...

  • Tank: Candy Rain $6 (TJ Maxx)
  • Puff Sleeve Top: American Eagle $15 (American Eagle clearance)
  • Vest: B Wear $9 (Ross)
  • Jeans: Express DPD Bootcuts $20 (ebay)
  • Shoes: Charles Albert $10 (Ross)
  • Necklace: Unknown but Im sure it was on the cheap!

Notes on the Clothes:

  • I'm sure there may have been a better necklace but I am in love with this one. It's hard to see in the photos but it the beads are all in the shape of hearts :)
  • I am in love with the vest as well. I was perusing Ross and I came across it and jumped for joy - it was exactly what I have been looking for and since there was no tailoring involved (something that I have to do for about every goodwill find) it was a steal! I am thinking about changing the buttons to something more standoutish. What do yall think?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Trend: Rompers

At first glance these little items of clothing seem like the epitome of comotose dressing (or a reverence for your toddler years) but I am here to break that misconception, they are much more than that! They combine the peace of mind of shorts (no peeping undies) and the comfort and breeze of dresses - and thus are perfect for summer. Not to mention that they are easy peasy as far as dressing - it's all one piece, it couldn't be easier!

I have been eyeing this trend for a few weeks and have become so fond of it that I saw fit to blog it up :). Up until recently I had been wearing my target romper only as a swimsuit cover up but I recently realized how adoribly chic they could be when worn as regular clothes! I have scoured the net for some of the best as far as wearing about town and here are my picks:

Comfy - C&C California via Revolve $118

Glam - Sass & Bide via ShopBop $539

But if the ease of the romper is getting you down (your life in too complicated for such a simple item!) then consider pairing it with either a shirt underneath, a belt around the waist, or some serious shoes or just be creative - this little beauty is chock full of possibilities!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Post Idea

I am fixing to be on my way to my second job interview in 2 days. Yesterday, before my first, I was standing in front of my closet and I realized that I have next to no professional clothes! I have a basic pair of BCBG slacks and a white shirt with a tie waist (cute!) but nothing else - or at least nothing else that does not make me feel like I am old. Then I thought to myself - I am going into a career in business, a place where I am going to need business casual attire abounding! So I think for my next post I am going to come up with some business casual outfits that are high on style but still appropraite - it will help me out tremedously and hopefully it will give all you ladies some ideas too. :)

Well I am off, wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holy Moly Shoes!

Oh my goodness, I saw these babies on another blog and I think that I am in love! Alas they are Jimmy Choos and that is code for I will never own them but I would settle for a similar, cheaper pair if I happen to come across some. Ahhh.

P.S. I went back to TJ Maxx and low and behold the Juicy swimsuit was there! My baby had not been bought by someone else so of course I snatched it and made a beeline for the registers (I had to make it to ikea!) and now that beautiful swimsuit is in my posession and I could not be happier :)

A Few Thoughts on Fashion

I was thinking about this today, about how my love of fashion started and then it just blossomed from there - so here are a few thoughts I had today on fashion:
  • Fashion is about art, not necesarily functionality. Whenever I first discovered the world of fashion I would watch countless fashion shows and in response to the gaudy, elaborate shows (don't judge me!) I thought in my head 'no one would wear that! that does not make any sense.' I was actually half right but what I failed to grasp was that it DID make sense, a lot of sense. When I realized that I could look at fashion as art and a means by which to be inspired I started to appreciate it more. I didn't need to wear feathers sprouting 3 feet from my head or boxes as skirts but I could take those concepts and alter them to say: boxy shapes or hard edges are in, feathers are in, etc.
  • Fashion is about making yourself feel pretty. I feel strongly about this one because I feel like a lot of times in fashion there is a "look" that everyone is going for and in my opinion that is not what fashion is about, looking like someone else. The popular look may be looking like a boy but I am not a boy and looking like a boy does not make me feel pretty. It may get me in with the fashion crowd but it will do nothing for my own sense of fashion and that's sad.

So maybe nothing you haven't heard but it does me good to put it down.

Monday, May 11, 2009

This Should Be Mine!

So I am currently obsessing over this Juicy Couture Bikini! Is it not precious?

I was milling around at TJ Maxx earlier today when I ran across this style in a gorgeous mint green color and tried it on and it was amazing. Being the idiot that I can sometimes be though, I didn't buy it and ran up to my mom's work to tell her about it (I was planning on visiting her anyway). A few hours ago I went back to get it - it was only $50! - and it was gone. Of course. So I have been searching the net for one like it (and I am liking the white) but the cheapest I can find is about $85. That is a bit more than I would generally spend on a swimsuit but I am wondering if this may be worth it... what do yall think? Should I splurge or just wait?