Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Few Thoughts on Fashion

I was thinking about this today, about how my love of fashion started and then it just blossomed from there - so here are a few thoughts I had today on fashion:
  • Fashion is about art, not necesarily functionality. Whenever I first discovered the world of fashion I would watch countless fashion shows and in response to the gaudy, elaborate shows (don't judge me!) I thought in my head 'no one would wear that! that does not make any sense.' I was actually half right but what I failed to grasp was that it DID make sense, a lot of sense. When I realized that I could look at fashion as art and a means by which to be inspired I started to appreciate it more. I didn't need to wear feathers sprouting 3 feet from my head or boxes as skirts but I could take those concepts and alter them to say: boxy shapes or hard edges are in, feathers are in, etc.
  • Fashion is about making yourself feel pretty. I feel strongly about this one because I feel like a lot of times in fashion there is a "look" that everyone is going for and in my opinion that is not what fashion is about, looking like someone else. The popular look may be looking like a boy but I am not a boy and looking like a boy does not make me feel pretty. It may get me in with the fashion crowd but it will do nothing for my own sense of fashion and that's sad.

So maybe nothing you haven't heard but it does me good to put it down.

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