Monday, May 11, 2009

This Should Be Mine!

So I am currently obsessing over this Juicy Couture Bikini! Is it not precious?

I was milling around at TJ Maxx earlier today when I ran across this style in a gorgeous mint green color and tried it on and it was amazing. Being the idiot that I can sometimes be though, I didn't buy it and ran up to my mom's work to tell her about it (I was planning on visiting her anyway). A few hours ago I went back to get it - it was only $50! - and it was gone. Of course. So I have been searching the net for one like it (and I am liking the white) but the cheapest I can find is about $85. That is a bit more than I would generally spend on a swimsuit but I am wondering if this may be worth it... what do yall think? Should I splurge or just wait?

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