Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Trend: Rompers

At first glance these little items of clothing seem like the epitome of comotose dressing (or a reverence for your toddler years) but I am here to break that misconception, they are much more than that! They combine the peace of mind of shorts (no peeping undies) and the comfort and breeze of dresses - and thus are perfect for summer. Not to mention that they are easy peasy as far as dressing - it's all one piece, it couldn't be easier!

I have been eyeing this trend for a few weeks and have become so fond of it that I saw fit to blog it up :). Up until recently I had been wearing my target romper only as a swimsuit cover up but I recently realized how adoribly chic they could be when worn as regular clothes! I have scoured the net for some of the best as far as wearing about town and here are my picks:

Comfy - C&C California via Revolve $118

Glam - Sass & Bide via ShopBop $539

But if the ease of the romper is getting you down (your life in too complicated for such a simple item!) then consider pairing it with either a shirt underneath, a belt around the waist, or some serious shoes or just be creative - this little beauty is chock full of possibilities!

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